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RPSC RAS Salary 2023: Pay Scale & Perks for Different Job Posts

RPSC RAS Salary 2023 is lucrative and conducting body offers various other benefits. In addition to the salary, recruited officers get different allowances including Dearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance, Travel Allowance etc. Check for details.
RPSC Salary 2023

RPSC Salary 2023

RPSC Salary 2023: The Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC) has officially released the RPSC salary details for different positions within the Rajasthan State and Subordinate Services through its notification. RPSC conducts recruitment exams for various roles in the state government, and the salary offered varies according to the specific positions. However, the positions come with attractive salary packages and additional benefits.

The RAS officer's basic pay is Rs. 56,100 per month. The grade pay increases with promotions and years of service. Moreover, the RAS officers receive other benefits such as telephone allowance and medical facilities amongst others. Continue reading to understand the salary structure of different roles offered by the RPSC exam 2023

RPSC Salary 2023

As stated above, applicants who clear the RPSC exam and join the state government services get offered a promising career with financial stability and growth opportunities. Check below to read some highlights about the RPSC salary 2023-

  • The RAS officer's salary ranges from Rs. 15,600 to Rs. 39,100 with Rs. 5,400 as grade pay. 
  • The basic pay for a RAS office salary is Rs. 56,100
  • The salary is based on the 7th Pay Commission
  • RAS pay for candidates varies depending on the duration of their probationary period and their first full-time employment after it
  • Apart from the salary, recruited officers receive various perks and benefits including medical benefits and various allowances 
  • Every so often, the Pay Commission's suggestions are used to update the RAS officers' pay and benefits
  • The officers receive retirement benefits like pensions and gratuities, which are determined by their length of service

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RPSC Salary Structure 2023

As applicants are offered different job posts once they qualify for the exam, the salary structure varies for various positions. Check the table below to know the grade pay and pay scale of different roles offered by the conducting body-

RPSC Job Posts

Grade Pay

Pay Scale

Estimated Salary

  • Rajasthan Food & Civil Supplies Services
  • Rajasthan Devasthan Service
  • Rajasthan Co-operative Service
  • Rajasthan Niyojan Karyalaya Seva
  • Rajasthan Shram Kalyan Seva
  • Rajasthan Excise (General) Services
  • Rajasthan Excise (Preventive Officer) Services
  • Rajasthan Tourism Service
  • Rajasthan Udyog Seva
  • Rajasthan Jail Service
  • Rajasthan Transport Service
  • Rajasthan Social Justice & Empowerment Service

INR 4800


INR 9300 to INR 34800



INR 40000 -  INR 45500

  • Rajasthan Women & Child Development Service
  • Rajasthan Lekha Seva
  • Rajasthan Insurance Service
  • Rajasthan Police Service
  • Rajasthan Rural Development Services
  • Rajasthan Administrative Services

INR 5400

INR 15600 to INR 39100 


INR 61000 - INR 66000

  • Rajasthan Tehsildar Service
  • Rajasthan Employment Subordinate Service
  • Rajasthan Women & child development Subordinate Service
  • Rajasthan Alpsankhyak Mamlat Seva
  • Rajasthan Social Justice & Empowerment Service 
  • Rajasthan Social Justice & Empowerment Service 

INR  4200 

INR 9300 to INR 34800 

INR 35500 - INR 42500

  • Rajasthan Food & Civil Supplies Subordinate Services
  • Rajasthan Subordinate Service 
  • Rajasthan Sahakari Adhinasth Seva
  • Rajasthan Shram Kalyan Adhinasth Seva
  • Rajasthan Subordinate Devasthan Service
  • Rajasthan Excise Subordinate Service
  • Rajasthan Commercial Tax Subordinate Service

INR 3600

INR 9300 to INR  34800 

INR 33500 - INR 38500

RPSC RAS In-hand Salary 2023

The basic pay, city compensatory pay, and other allowances like dearness and special allowance are all included in the in-hand RAS Officer salary. Additionally, candidates must be mindful that a fixed sum will be taken each month from the RAS salary for State Insurance and Contributory Pension Fund. Check the table below for specific figures-

RPSC Salary 


Basic Pay

INR 56,100

Dearness Allowance

INR 15708

City Compensatory Pay

INR 1000

Special Allowance

INR 380

Deduction of Contributory Pension Fund

INR 6563

Deduction of State Insurance

INR 3000

In-hand (Total)

INR 63,625

RPSC RAS In-hand Salary 2023: During Probation

Before being hired full-time, RPSC officers have to serve a probationary period which is mandatory. This period has to be served for two years and recruited probationary officers only get the basic pay without any allowances. Although for their monthly contribution to the pension fund, just 10% of NPS is withdrawn. Check the table below to understand the RAS salary of a probationary officer-

RPSC Salary 


Basic Pay

INR 39,300

Deduction of Contributory Pension Fund

INR 3930

In-hand (Total)

INR 35,370

RPSC Salary 2023: Perks and Benefits 

As stated above, RPSC promotes various perks and benefits in addition to salary. These include-

RPSC Salary

Note: These allowances are only given to the officers who successfully complete their two-year probation period within the state government.

RPSC Officers Job Profile

RAS officers are recruited for maintaining law and order in their assigned jurisdiction. They perform various administrative duties such as revenue collection, maintenance of public infrastructure, and looking over implementations of government schemes. Further, they are also responsible for ensuring the smooth functioning of government machinery in their designated areas. 

Additionally, RPSC offers various other posts such as-

  • RPSC Rajasthan Police Service (RPS)- RPS officers oversee the operations of police officers at numerous police stations under their jurisdiction. They carry out investigations into crimes and see to it that the offenders are prosecuted. To protect public safety, they collaborate with other law enforcement organisations.
  • RPSC Rajasthan Engineering Service (RES)- Planning and carrying out engineering projects fall under the responsibility of RES officers. They are in charge of numerous government initiatives like creating public facilities, bridges, and highways. They make sure the projects are finished smoothly within the allocated budget. Additionally, they oversee the work of engineers and contractors.
  • RPSC Rajasthan Taxation Service (RTS)- Tax collection falls within the responsibility of RTS officers in their designated jurisdictions. They guarantee that taxes are collected fairly and that taxpayers are aware of their rights and responsibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the RAS officer highest salary?

According to the Level-14 pay matrix, the highest RAS salary falls between Rs. 61000 and Rs. 66000 in the pay band of Rs. 15600 to Rs. 39100 with Grade Pay of Rs. 5,400.

How long is the probation period for RPSC?

Those who qualify for the RPSC exam are then recruited for a probation period. It is mandatory for officers to complete a probation period of 2 years before getting a full-time opportunity. 

What is the basic pay of RAS in-hand salary?

The basic pay for RAS in-hand salary is Rs 56,100.

Is it possible for RAS to be promoted to an IAS post?

No, RAS officers retire as Additional Commissioner after 15-20 years of service.


What are the types of allowances offered to RPSC RAS officers?

All full-time RAS officer receives the Rajasthan State Government's Transportation Allowance (T.A), Dearness Allowance (D.A), House Rent Allowance (H.R.A), Leave Travel Allowance (LTA), Medical Allowance and other reimbursements for daily expenses, lodging costs and travel expenditures.


What is the salary of RPSC RAS per month?

The salary of RPSC RAS (Rajasthan Administrative Service) officers is determined by the Government of Rajasthan and is subject to revisions. The pay scale for RPSC RAS officers typically ranges from Pay Level 14 to Pay Level 18, as per the 7th Pay Commission. 

What is the RAS SDM salary?

The SDM Salary Structure falls under Pay Band PB-3, which covers the range of 15600 to 39100 and is based on a Pay Level of 10-18. The pay scale for this position is from 56,100 to 1,77,500, with a grade pay of 5400.

What is the RAS salary after 5 years?

The salary of RPSC RAS officers after 5 years can vary based on factors such as promotions, pay scale revisions, and other allowances. After 5 years of service, RPSC RAS officers can expect an increase in salary compared to their initial pay. They may have received promotions and moved up the pay scale during this period. However, the exact salary amount will depend on various factors such as the officer's initial pay scale, grade, promotions, and any revisions made by the Government of Rajasthan.