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RPSC Preparation 2023: Check How to Build a RPSC Preparation Strategy

Preparing well for the RPSC exam is extremely important in order to achieve the desired results. The exam is competitive with limited availability of seats. Hence, building a preparation strategy is essential. Check here for details.
RPSC Preparation 2023

RPSC Preparation 2023

RPSC Exam Preparation 2023: RPSC or the Rajasthan Public Service Commission is responsible for administering exams to recruit candidates to work in different departments of the Rajasthan government. Through this exam, applicants are selected for various Grade A and B job posts such as Assistant Engineer, RPSC RO- Revenue Officer, and RPSC EO- Executive Officer amongst others. The exam is highly competitive due to limited vacancies and a large number of registered candidates. Hence, to ace the exam and achieve the desired result, applicants must develop an effective preparation strategy. 

Before beginning to prepare for the exam, it is crucial to have a complete understanding of the RPSC syllabus in order to perform well on the paper. Further, it is also necessary to keep in mind the exam pattern and structure. Continue reading to know some preparation tips that can help students design an efficient RPSC preparation strategy.

RPSC Preparation 2023

RPSC Preparation

Exam dates for RPSC 2023 have not been confirmed as of yet. The registration process has not begun either. Hence, interested applicants have an ample amount of time to prepare for the exam. The exam is conducted in three stages, which are Prelims, Mains, and an Interview round.

It is essential to perform well in each selection round, as those who ace the prelims round will be selected for RPSC mains. Therefore, applicants must first conduct RPSC preparation for prelims followed by further rounds. When the concept for the RPSC prelims syllabus is clear, it will be easier for students to study for mains as the syllabus is more or less similar in nature. Check below to know some expert-recommended prep tips that can prove to be helpful for students. 

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RPSC Preparation Tips 2023

Check below to know some prep tips that should be incorporated into candidates’ preparation strategy-

  • Understand the RPSC Syllabus and Exam Pattern: Mastering the exam pattern and syllabus is the first and most important stage in RPSC preparation. Knowing the format, number of questions, types of questions, marking scheme, and allotted time will make it easier for candidates to perform better on the paper. Moreover, knowing the syllabus well will help applicants know the important topics and concepts. 
  • Choose Recommended Study Material: For RPSC preparation, using quality study materials is essential. Verify that applicants consult the most effective books and academic resources available in the market. Further, candidates can also consult resources available on the Internet. Before purchasing or utilising any material, make sure to conduct proper research about how efficient it is. Students can use expert recommendations or past test-takers suggestions before buying RPSC books.
  • Learn to Manage Time: An important aspect of RPSC preparation is time management. Both when studying for the exam and when taking it, candidates should use time management strategies. The exam (both Prelims and Mains) will be lengthy and missing out on questions will lead to a deduction of marks. Hence, applicants should skill how to manage their time in a way they are able to solve the exam in the allotted time. 
  • RPSC Previous Year Papers: Consistently solving RPSC past papers can be helpful while preparing for the RPSC PAS exams. Students will understand the structure of the exam better when they practice from such past papers. Moreover, with every solved paper, applicants will feel more confident and can analyse their strengths and weaknesses based on their performance in past papers. 
  • Design a Study Plan: Building a study plan wherein applicants divide their time for each subject and topic is essential. It will make studying more structured while allowing preparation time for each subject. Further, applicants can allocate more time to topics that they find challenging. This will help candidates to a greater extent as the RPSC exam has a vast syllabus and students often find it difficult to focus on every subject. 
  • Stay Updated with Current Affairs: It is extremely important to be updated with current affairs and issues, with special emphasis on current events in the state of Rajasthan. Further, current events of international and national importance are dynamic with new updates coming in every day. Hence, applicants must keep themselves updated by dedicating time to reading newspapers, watching the news etc.
  • Revision: As the syllabus is vast, applicants must keep revising what they have already studied. If they don’t make notes to follow up in revision, they may forget the old concepts when they study newer topics and subjects. Hence, Make sure you routinely review the subjects you have already learnt. Regularly review the key concepts, formulas, and themes.

RPSC Books 2023

As stated in the article above, studying from expert-recommended books can take preparation to the next level. The market, both offline and online, is flooded with study material that is easy to access. With so many options available students may get confused and consequently may choose to study from books that may not have adequate content. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is one year enough to prepare for RPSC?

The time required to prepare for RPSC exams varies depending on the candidate's level of preparation and understanding of the topics. It is recommended to start preparing at least 6-8 months before the exam.


Can the exam be cleared on the first attempt itself?

Yes, with the right preparation strategy and dedicated preparation, the exam can be cleared on the first attempt itself.

Where can students find RPSC previous year papers?

The RPSC RAS previous year papers can be found on the official website of the exam conducting body.

Is coaching recommended for RPSC exam?

Joining a coaching centre can provide guidance and help students in understanding difficult topics. However, whether or not it is recommended wholly depends on the preparation level and the understanding of basic concepts of students.

What are some practices to avoid during exam preparation?

Some common practices to avoid during RPSC preparation are not following a study plan, not revising regularly, not solving previous year papers, and not staying updated with the latest news and events.