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West Bengal Public Service Commission

WBPSC Salary 2024: Post-Wise Pay Scale, Job Profile, Perks, and Benefits

WBPSC Salary 2024 differs as per the job profiles. The post wise salary scale is released by the commission in the official exam notification. Also, read about the job profile for different positions.
WBPSC Salary 2024

WBPSC Salary 2024

WBPSC Salary 2024: The West Bengal Public Service Commission (WBPSC) offers administrative job opportunities for those interested in working for the West Bengal government. Recruits enjoy competitive pay and benefits. Candidates are selected through the WBPSC exam for different job posts in Group A, B, C, and D services, with the salary depending on the assigned post.

The detailed salary structure for different job posts, in addition to the offered perks and benefits, is provided in the WBPSC exam notification. The details on the notification include Grade A, B, C, and D salaries, job profiles, and benefits can be checked in this article as well. 

WBPSC Salary 2024

The WBPSC follows the pay scales recommended by the West Bengal Services (Revision of Pay and Allowance) Rules. The basic salary for individuals recruited through the WBPSC is determined based on their job post, grade, and level of responsibility provided to them. The pay scale generally ranges from Rs. 15,600 to Rs. 56,100 per month for entry-level positions, and it increases with higher ranks, promotions, and years of service. Continue reading to know the post-wise WBPSC pay scale and the in-depth job descriptions. 

WBPSC Pay Scale 2024: Group A Post-Wise Pay Level

Check the table below for the detailed pay level for different Group A job posts offered by WBPSC:

Job Post

WBPSC Pay Scale

West Bengal Civil Service (Executive)

Rs 56,100 -  Rs 1,44,300

Assistant Commissioner of Revenue in the integrated West Bengal Revenue Service

Rs 56,100 -  Rs 1,44,300

West Bengal Co-operative Service

Rs 56,100 - Rs 1,44,300

West Bengal Labour Service

Rs 56,100 - Rs 1,44,300

West Bengal Food and Supplies Service

Rs 56,100 -  Rs 1,44,300

West Bengal Employment Service

Rs 56,100 -  Rs 1,44,300

WBPSC Pay Scale 2024: Group B Post-Wise Pay Level

The table below must be checked to know the WBPSC Group B Services pay scale:

Job Post

WBPSC Pay Scale

West Bengal Police Service

Rs 56,100 -  Rs 1,44,300

WBPSC Pay Scale 2024: Group C Post-Wise Pay Level

To check the pay scale of WBPSC Group C service, refer to the table below:

Job Post

WBPSC Pay Scale

Superintendent, District Correctional Home / Deputy Superintendent, Central Correctional Home

Rs 42,600 - Rs 1,09,800

Joint Block Development Officer

Rs 39,900 - Rs 1,02,800

Deputy Assistant Director of Consumer Affairs and Fair Business Practices

Rs 39,900 - Rs 1,02,800

West Bengal Junior Social Welfare Service

Rs 39,900 - Rs 1,02,800

West Bengal Subordinate Land Revenue Service, Grade-I

Rs 39,900 - Rs 1,02,800

Assistant Commercial Tax Officer

Rs 39,900 - Rs 1,02,8000

Registrar/Joint Registrar under the Consumer Affairs Department

Rs 39,900 - Rs 1,02,8000

Assistant Canal Revenue Officer

Rs 35,800 – Rs 92,100

Chief Controller of Correctional Services

Rs 35,800 - Rs 92,100

WBPSC Pay Scale 2024: Group D Post-Wise Pay Level

The Group D services offered by WBPSC too have different pay scales, the same can be checked in the table provided below-

Job Post

WBPSC Pay Scale

Inspector of Co-operative Societies

Rs 32,100 - Rs 82,900

Panchayat Development Officer under the Panchayat and Rural Development Department 

Rs 32,100 - Rs 82,900

Rehabilitation Officer under the Refugee Relief and Rehabilitation Department

Rs 32,100 - Rs 82,900

WBPSC Salary 2024: Perks and Benefits

As stated above, applicants enjoy various perks and benefits in addition to their existing salary packages. Some of these benefits include:

  • Dearness Allowance (DA)
  • House Rent Allowance (HRA)
  • Travel Allowance
  • Medical Allowance
  • Retirement Benefits
  • Promotions and Career Progression
  • Housing Facilities
  • Leave Encashment
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Education and Training

WBPSC Job Profiles 2024

As already stated, through the WBPSC exam, applicants are recruited for different job roles. It is understood that the job profile and provided responsibilities will differ according to the job post the candidate has been selected for. Below, applicants can read about the job profile of some of the most prominent job posts of WBPSC-

  • West Bengal Civil Service (Executive): The West Bengal Civil Service (Executive) is a coveted administrative position offered by the WBPSC. The job responsibilities of a West Bengal Civil Service (Executive) officer include policy formulation, implementation of government schemes, administrative decision-making, and public service delivery. They work closely with various government departments, supervise government programs, and ensure effective governance at the district or state level.
  • Block Development Officer (BDO): The development operations in a particular block or area are supervised by a block development officer. They are essential to putting government welfare programmes, rural development projects, poverty reduction plans, and infrastructure projects into action. To ensure the successful execution of development projects and the improvement of the community, the BDO collaborates closely with local government entities, NGOs, and other stakeholders.
  • West Bengal Audit and Accounts Service (WA&AS): The West Bengal Audit and Accounts Service officers are responsible for financial management, auditing, and maintaining accounts of the state government departments. They ensure proper utilization of funds, compliance with financial regulations, and transparency in financial transactions. WA&AS officers play a crucial role in maintaining the financial health and accountability of the state government.
  • Deputy Magistrate and Deputy Collector: The main responsibilities of a Deputy Magistrate and Deputy Collector are to uphold law and order, keep the peace, and perform administrative duties at the district level. In addition to other crucial governance duties, they are in charge of managing disaster relief, land acquisition, law and order maintenance, and tax administration. They are in charge of ensuring that the administrative machinery runs well and collaborate closely with numerous stakeholders to promote public welfare.
  • WBPSC JE: As a Junior Engineer (JE) in the West Bengal Public Service Commission (WBPSC), the primary duty revolves around engineering-related tasks and responsibilities. The exact nature of responsibilities may vary depending on the specific department or organization the candidates are assigned to. Some major duties will involve project planning and design, implementation and supervision, maintenance and repairs etc. 

Note: These are just a few examples of the job posts and their responsibilities available through the WBPSC. Each job profile comes with different tasks, challenges, and opportunities for professional growth. 

WBPSC Salary 2024: Growth and Promotions

It is important to note that the promotion process may vary for different WBPSC-affiliated services and departments. The commission strives to maintain transparency and provide equal opportunities for career advancement to deserving employees.

WBPSC Promotions are based on a structured system that rewards employees for their experience, performance, and dedication to their roles. WBPSC follows a well-defined promotion policy to ensure fairness and transparency in the process. Here's an overview of how promotions work in WBPSC:

  1. Time-Based Promotions: Employees in WBPSC-affiliated services are eligible for time-bound promotions based on their length of service. The promotion criteria may vary depending on the service or department they are in. Generally, employees are considered for promotion after completing a certain number of years in their current position.

  2. Merit-Based Promotions: Apart from time-based promotions, WBPSC also considers merit and performance as crucial factors for advancement. Employees who consistently demonstrate exceptional performance and dedication to their duties have a higher chance of getting promoted. The assessment of performance may involve evaluations, appraisals, and reviews from superiors.

  3. Qualification-Based Promotions: Attaining additional qualifications and certifications relevant to the job can enhance an employee's chances of promotion. Employees who acquire advanced degrees, specialized training, or relevant professional certifications may be eligible for higher positions within their service or department.

  4. Competitive Examinations: In certain cases, WBPSC conducts internal competitive examinations to fill higher-level positions. Employees who qualify in these exams are considered for promotions to more senior roles within their service.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the basic pay of WBPSC employees?

For entry-level posts, the pay scale typically varies from Rs. 15,600 to Rs. 56,100 per month, and it rises with higher levels, promotions, and years of service.


Where can applicants check the detailed pay scales for all the WBPSC job posts?

The detailed pay scale for different posts can be checked on the WBPSC notification which will be available on the official website of the conducting body. 

Is it easy for employers to get promoted in WBPSC?

Yes, there are opportunities for career growth and promotions within the WBPSC. The commission follows a hierarchical structure, and employees can progress in their careers through promotions based on their performance.

How often are salary revisions or increments implemented for WBPSC employees?

Salary revisions or increments for WBPSC employees are typically implemented based on the recommendations of the state government's pay commission.

What are some of the perks given to employees under WBPSC?

Some major benefits that can be enjoyed by recruited applicants are Dearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance, Medical Allowance and Travel Allowance amongst others.