Telangana State Integrated Common Entrance Test
Telangana State Integrated Common Entrance Test

TSICET 2024 Preparation: Check Best Tips, Section-Wise & Month-Wise Preparation Plan

TS ICET Preparation 2024: Preparing for the TSICET exam requires focus, dedication & a clear strategy. Candidates are advised to first assess their strengths and weaknesses and then develop a preparation plan that suits them the best.
TSICET Preparation 2024

TSICET Preparation 2024

TSICET Preparation 2024: Aspirants who wish to appear for the TSICET exam must begin with TSICET preparation at least 6 months before the examination. Candidates must put in at least 6 months of focused preparation before sitting for the entrance exam. The first step in the TSICET preparation process is to familiarise yourself with the latest TSICET Exam Pattern 2024 & syllabus. Many times, candidates commit the grave mistake of directly jumping into the preparation process without even going through the exam pattern & syllabus. This mistake must be avoided at all costs. Also Read: TSICET Syllabus 2024

The TSICET exam comprises three sections (analytical ability, mathematical ability & communication ability). Each section must be approached in a different way. Aspirants are advised to refer to the past year's TS ICET 2024 Question Papers while preparing for the exam. This practise will enable the candidates to identify the exam trend and prepare for the entrance examination accordingly. 

Aspirants must refer to the best books for TSICET preparation. These books will help the candidates cover all the important exam topics effectively. Apart from learning & understanding the concepts, candidates must also take multiple TSICET mock tests. By taking mock tests, candidates can evaluate their level of preparation. This will also give them the confidence to perform their best in the TSICET 2024 exam.

TS ICET Preparation 2024: General Tips 

When preparing for the TS ICET exam, candidates must develop a clear exam strategy. By applying the following exam preparation tips, candidates can smoothly navigate through the TS ICET exam preparation process:

  • Understand the TS ICET Exam Pattern: Familiarise yourself with the TS ICET Exam Pattern, and the sections, the number of questions, and the marking scheme.
  • Know the TS ICET Syllabus: Candidates must focus on preparing all the topics mentioned in the TS ICET syllabus. Candidates are advised not to waste their time preparing extra or unnecessary topics.
  • Create a Study Plan: Develop a detailed study plan that covers all the topics within the given time frame. Allocate sufficient time for each subject and ensure that you stick to your schedule.
  • Focus on Basics: Start by building a strong foundation in the basics of mathematics, reasoning, and analytical skills. As TS ICET is a test for MBA and MCA programs, having a solid understanding of these fundamentals is crucial.
  • Practice Regularly: Consistent practice is key to success. Solve a wide range of problems and questions from each section. This will help you understand different question types and improve your problem-solving skills.
  • Time Management: TSICET is a time-bound exam. Practice solving questions within the stipulated time to improve your speed and accuracy. Time management is crucial to complete the paper on time.
  • TS ICET Mock Tests: Take TS ICET mock tests regularly to simulate the exam environment. This will help you assess your progress, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and make necessary improvements.
  • Analyse Your Performance: After taking mock tests, analyse your performance. Review the questions you answered incorrectly, understand why you made those mistakes & adjust your preparation strategy accordingly.
  • Revision is the Key: Regularly review the topics you've covered to ensure retention. Revision helps reinforce your understanding and minimises the chances of forgetting essential concepts. 

TS ICET 2024 Preparation: Section-Wise Plan

TS ICET exam comprises three sections: analytical ability, mathematical ability & communication ability. While preparing for the TS ICET exam, candidates must approach each section differently.

The section-wise TS ICET 2024 preparation plan has been mentioned below for the candidate’s reference: 



Section A: Analytical Ability

  • Solve enough no. of questions from various topics like Data Sufficiency, Problem Solving, Blood Relationships, Seating Arrangements, Coding-Decoding, etc
  • Work through TS ICET previous question papers to understand the exam trend with regard to the Analytical Ability section

Section B: Mathematical Ability

  • Questions in this section primarily cover concepts from Class 10 and 12 Mathematics
  • Subjects include Matrices, Percentages, Probability, Time, and Distance, as well as Mean, Median & Mode
  • Candidates are advised to refer to their class 10th & 12th books to brush up on the fundamental concepts and essential theorems for the Mathematical Ability section

Section C: Communication Ability

  • The Communication Ability section of the TS ICET exam will feature questions primarily covering topics like Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, and Terminology and Concepts within Computer and Business contexts (including letters, reports, memoranda, agenda, minutes, etc.)
  • To enhance vocabulary and grammar, candidates are advised to refer to the high school grammar books 
  • Candidates are also advised to read newspapers & magazines and learn new words in order to improve their vocabulary 

TS ICET 2024 Preparation: Month-Wise Plan

Candidates must note that the TS ICET 2024 exam preparation strategy will vary depending on the number of days left for the exam.

Candidates can refer to the month-wise TS ICET 2024 preparation plan mentioned below and accordingly prepare for the TS ICET exam.



TS ICET Preparation: 6- Month Plan

  • Focus on covering the entire TS ICET exam syllabus in this time period 
  • Do not take any topic for granted 
  • Practise as many TS ICET question papers as possible 
  • Attempt TS ICET mock tests and regularly analyse your performance 
  • Strategically revise the topics/concepts that you have prepared during these 6 months 

TS ICET Preparation: 3- Month Plan

  • Keep attempting the previous year's question papers & mock tests to gauge the level of their preparation
  • Focus on improving your weak areas 
  • Keep your resources limited and revise consistently

TS ICET Preparation: 1- Month Plan

  • Create short notes for all the important topics 
  • Allocate enough time for revision for each section
  • Sit for mock tests in
  • Tweak your exam preparation strategy as and when required
  • Do not learn new topics in this time period as it can negatively impact your exam preparation

TS ICET 2024 Exam Pattern

TSICET is a computer-based test (CBT) that comprises three sections: Analytical Ability, Mathematical Ability, and Communication Ability. The Analytical Ability section assesses a candidate's logical reasoning and problem-solving skills. The Mathematical Ability section evaluates their mathematical aptitude, while the Communication Ability section focuses on assessing their proficiency in written communication and English language comprehension. Candidates must understand the TS ICET exam pattern well and accordingly prepare for the entrance examination.

Best Books for TS ICET 2024 Exam Preparation

Candidates can refer to the following books while preparing for the TSICET exam. With the help of these books, candidates can effectively prepare for the TSICET entrance examination.


TSICET Preparation Books 

Section A: Analytical Ability

  • Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation: Nishit Sinha
  • Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation: Arun Sharma
  • Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Exams: RS Aggarwal

Section B: Mathematical Ability

  • How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for CAT: Arun Sharma
  • Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Exams: RS Aggarwal
  • Mathematics for MBA Entrance Examinations: Dr. RS Aggarwal

Section C: Communication Ability

  • High School English Grammar: Wren and Martin
  • Proficiency in Reading Comprehension Simplifying the “Passage” for You: Ajay Singh
  • Word Power Made Easy: Norman Lewis

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the TS ICET 2024 exam pattern?

The TSICET entrance exam is a computer-based test (CBT mode). The exam is divided into three sections which aim to evaluate the candidate’s analytical, mathematical & communication abilities.

How many sections are there in the TSICET exam?

The TSICET exam is divided into three sections. Section A is the Analytical Ability section which consists of 75 questions. Section B is the Mathematical Ability section which consists of 75 questions. Section C is the Communication Ability section which consists of 50 questions.

What is the marking scheme for the TSICET exam?

In the TSCET examination, each question carries 1 mark. For each correct answer, the candidate will get 1 mark. However, there is no negative marking for wrong answers.

Is there a separate TSICET syllabus for the MBA and MCA programs?

No, the TSICET syllabus for both the MBA and MCA programs is the same. The entrance exam covers common topics that are relevant to both courses.

How can I prepare effectively for the TSICET exam?

Candidates must understand the exam pattern and syllabus thoroughly. You must also practice previous years' question papers and sample papers, and refer to reliable study materials. You must create a study schedule and allocate time for each section, work on time management during the exam since there is a fixed time limit, and take mock tests to assess your preparation and identify areas for improvement.

What is the total duration of the TSICET examination?

The total duration of the TSICET entrance exam is 2 hours and 30 minutes (150 minutes).

Are previous years' TSICET question papers helpful for exam preparation?

Yes, by solving previous years' papers candidates can idea about the TSICET exam pattern and difficulty level, and it also helps in time management. It allows you to identify your weak areas, enabling you to tweak your preparation strategy accordingly.

When should I start preparing for the TSICET exam?

Candidates who wish to appear for the TSICET examination must start preparing at least 6 months before the date of the examination. Aspirants must ensure that they cover all the important topics mentioned in the TSICET exam syllabus and strategically revise their concepts on a regular basis. A few days before the examination, candidates must abstain from learning new concepts and they must only focus on taking mock tests & revising their concepts thoroughly.

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