Common University Entrance Test
Common University Entrance Test

CUET Syllabus 2024: Download Syllabus PDF for Language Section, General Test and Domain-Specific Subjects

The CUET syllabus is released by the National Testing Agency (NTA) on its official website. Aspiring candidates must go through the CUET syllabus thoroughly to prepare well for the exam.
CUET UG Syllabus 2024

CUET UG Syllabus 2024

CUET Syllabus 2024: The National Testing Agency (NTA) has released the CUET UG syllabus on the official website. The syllabus for CUET 2024 will be released along with the notification. The CUET syllabus is released separately for each subject. The detailed syllabus includes the topics and subtopics from where questions will be asked in the examination.

Candidates preparing for the CUET 2024 exam must be well-versed with the syllabus. Students should also know the exam pattern for the CUET UG exam. CUET Syllabus comprises Language subjects, General Test, and Domain-specific subjects. NTA releases the syllabus for all domain-specific subjects along with the syllabus for language subjects and general test.

As per CUET syllabus 2024, the language section includes reading comprehension, vocabulary questions, synonyms and antonyms, and verbal ability. Also, CUET General Test Syllabus includes Numerical Ability, Quantitative Reasoning, Logical and Analytical Reasoning, General Knowledge, Current Affairs, and General Mental Ability. The CUET domain-specific syllabus includes subjects like Accountancy, Agriculture, Anthropology, Business Studies, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Economics, and many other subjects.

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Aspirants must be aware of the CUET exam pattern as well along with the syllabus. They can solve CUET previous year question papers to understand the exam pattern and syllabus well and enhance their preparation level. 

CUET Syllabus 2024

Aspirants who are wishing to take admission to undergraduate programs at different Central Universities and other CUET-participating institutions must know the section-wise CUET UG syllabus. The table below discusses the syllabus for the CUET exam section-wise:



Section 1 (Language) (Section IA and Section IB)

In this section questions will include Reading Comprehension which will be based on different types of passages like Literary, Narrative, and Factual. There will also be Vocabulary questions. Other topics include: Verbal Ability, Rearranging the parts, Choosing the correct word, Synonyms and Antonyms

Section II (Domain-Specific Subject)

This section will include MCQs based on the Class 12th syllabus

Section III (General Test)

Numerical Ability, Quantitative Reasoning, Logical and Analytical Reasoning, General Knowledge, Current Affairs, General Mental Ability

CUET Syllabus for Language Section

The CUET language section is divided into two sections: Section 1A & Section 1B. Both sections have 13 and 20 languages respectively. The table below discusses the languages that are included in both sections:



Section IA

  • Gujarati
  • Odia
  • Bengali
  • Assamese
  • Punjabi
  • Tamil
  • Telugu
  • Kannada
  • Malayalam
  • Marathi
  • English
  • Hindi
  • Urdu

Section IB

  • Kashmiri
  • Tibetan
  • Japanese
  • Russian
  • Chinese
  • Konkani
  • Bodo
  • Dogri
  • Maithili
  • Manipuri
  • Santhali
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Nepali
  • Persian
  • Italian
  • Arabic
  • Sindhi
  • Sanskrit

CUET Syllabus 2024: Domain-Specific Subjects

Aspirants who are preparing for the CUET exam must know the syllabus of the subject they are choosing. Candidates can choose a maximum of six domain-specific subjects out of 27. The detailed syllabus for each 27 subjects is given below:


Direct Link


Check Here


Check Here


Check Here

Art Education Sculpture

Check Here


Check Here

Business Studies

Check Here


Check Here

Computer Science

Check Here

Economics/ Business Economics

Check Here

Engineering Graphics

Check Here


Check Here

Environmental Studies

Check Here


Check Here


Check Here

Home Science

Check Here

Knowledge Tradition (Practices in India)

Check Here

Legal Studies

Check Here

Mass Media/ Mass Communication

Check Here


Check Here

Performing Arts

Check Here

Physical Education

Check Here


Check Here

Political Science

Check Here


Check Here


Check Here


Check Here

CUET General Test Syllabus 2024

The CUET syllabus for General Test includes the following topics:



General Section

General Knowledge

General Mental Ability

Logical and Analytical Reasoning

Current Affairs

Quantitative Reasoning 

Numerical Ability

CUET Subject List

CUET subject list comprises language subjects and domain specific subjects. The language section in CUET 2024 exam is divided into two parts - Section 1A and Section 1B. There are 13 language subjects in Section 1A. Moreover, in Section 1B, there are 20 CUET Language subjects. 

Similarly, there are 27 domain-specific subjects in CUET exam 2024. Candidates can choose maximum of six subjects out of twenty-seven.

CUET Language Subject List

CUET language paper consists of two sections consisting of 13 and 20 subjects, respectively. The table below shows the subject list mentioned on the CUET Samarth website. 

Section Total Number of Subjects CUET Language Subjects
Section 1A 13 English, Hindi, Assamese, Gujarati, Kannada, Bengali, Malayalam, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil, Odia, Urdu, Marathi
Section 1B 20 Sanskrit, Tibetan, Spanish, Sindi, Santhali, German, French, Dogri, Chinese, Bodo, Arabic, Russian, Persian, Nepali, Manipuri, Maithili, Konkani, Kashmiri, Japanese, Italian

CUET Domain Subjects

There are 27 subjects in the CUET 2024 exam. Students who will be appearing for the exam can check the CUET Domain Subject Lists below:

  1. Accountancy
  2. Agriculture
  3. Anthropology
  4. Biology/ Biotechnology/ Biochemistry
  5. Business Studies
  6. Chemistry
  7. Computer Science/ Informatics Practices
  8. Economics/ Business Economics
  9. Environmental Science
  10. Engineering Graphics
  11. Entrepreneurship
  12. Fine Arts/ Visual Arts
  13. Geography/ Geology
  14. History
  15. Home Science
  16. Knowledge Tradition and Practices of India
  17. Legal Studies
  18. Mathematics
  19. Mass Media/ Mass Communication
  20. Physics
  21. Political Science
  22. Psychology
  23. Performing Arts (Dance, Drama, and Music)
  24. Physical education/ NCC/ Yoga
  25. Sanskrit
  26. Sociology
  27. Teaching Aptitude

CUET Exam Pattern 2024

Candidates must be familiar with the CUET exam format before studying for the exam. The following table summarises the exam pattern:


Questions to be Attempted

Marks Per Question


Section IA - Languages

40 questions out of 50 (Per Language)

5 Marks

45 Minutes (Per Language)

Section IB - Languages

Section II - Domain

35/40 questions out of 45/50 (Per Subject)

5 Marks

45 Minutes (Per Subject)

Section III- General Test 

50 questions out of 60

5 Marks

60 Minutes

CUET Preparation Tips

CUET preparation requires a comprehensive study of the syllabus and the various topics and subtopics included in it. However, there are some preparation tips that aspirants must follow in order to ace the exam. These preparation tips are as follows:

Understand the Exam Pattern & Syllabus: Candidates must have a thorough understanding of the exam pattern and syllabus before starting their exam preparation. The NTA releases the exam pattern and curriculum on its official website.

Read from NCERTs: NCERTs should be the first resource to cover the CUET syllabus. Once done with NCERTs, candidates can refer to other standard books written by different authors.

Practice CUET Previous Year Question Papers: Solving out previous year question papers and practice papers helps candidates assess their strong and weak points. In this way, they can improve their preparation by concentrating on their weak areas.

Time Management: Time Management is important to ace any competitive examination. Aspirants must learn unique tricks and formulae to solve questions faster. This allows them to manage their time well and complete the paper within the set duration.

Consistent Study & Revision: Consistency is the key to ace the CUET exam. Constant study and revision of topics strengthen the preparation level of the candidate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the CUET cover the Class 11 syllabus?

According to the NTA's announcement of the CUET syllabus, questions may be based on topics from Classes 11 and 12.

What grade level does the CUET 2024 curriculum fall under?

The CUET syllabus aligns with the study material covered in the Class 12 Board examination. The subjects, sections, and books correspond to those in the Class 12 curriculum.

Are NCERT books sufficient to cover the CUET 2024 curriculum?

It may be reasonably considered that the NCERT books are sufficient to cover the test's syllabus because the CUET 2024 syllabus is in accordance with the syllabus for the Class 12 Board exam. However, it is encouraged that students consult various study resources and publications created for national-level competitive entrance examinations in order to adequately prepare and achieve a good score.

Can I cover CUET Syllabus in 3 months?

The amount of time it takes someone to finish the CUET syllabus entirely depends on how consistently they study. However, it takes at least 5 to 6 months to complete the curriculum thoroughly, in addition to attempting several practice papers and question papers from prior years.

Is the CUET 2024 exam tough?

The difficulty level of the exam may vary every year. However, in general, the difficulty level of the exam is moderate to tough.

How many questions will be asked in CUET UG exam?

A total of 175 questions will be asked in the CUET UG examination.

Where can I download the CUET UG official syllabus?

Candidates can download the official PDF for CUET UG syllabus at the website

What all topics are included in CUET UG syllabus?

The CUET UG syllabus contains topics such as current affairs, general knowledge, quantitative reasoning, logical and analytical reasoning, and general and numerical ability.

What type of questions are asked in CUET 2024 exam?

The CUET UG question paper carries multiple choice questions in each section.

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