AIMS Test for Management Admissions
AIMS Test for Management Admissions

ATMA Syllabus 2023 : Check Syllabus For the Exam, Exam Pattern and Marking Scheme

AIMS releases the ATMA 2023 syllabus on its official website. The syllabus consists of three skills - analytical reasoning, verbal and quantitative. Each of the three skills has various important topics that candidates need to have a grasp over.
ATMA Syllabus 2023

ATMA Syllabus 2023

ATMA 2023 Syllabus : AIMS ( Association of Indian Management Schools) gives a broad overview of the syllabus for ATMA (AIMS Test for Management Admissions) on its official website. The ATMA exam structure consists of analytical reasoning skills, verbal skills and quantitative skills. Candidates need to know that each skill is assessed in two sections, and there are a total of six sections. There are a total of 180 questions spread over the 6 sections, with each section having 30 questions. Total duration of the exam is three hours. The exam is a multiple choice question-based aptitude test and will be conducted in computer-based mode. 

For each of the skills, candidates need to practise thoroughly from the mock tests, sample papers and previous years question papers available on the official website. The questions asked in the sections on analytical reasoning skills are based on evaluation of logical reasoning. Logical reasoning aptitude of the candidate is evaluated through questions that include coding-decoding, linear and circular arrangement, number series, analogy, syllogism and others. 

Sections on verbal skills consist of reading comprehension, grammar, sentence completion, jumbled sentences and vocabulary. Quantitative skills examines mastery over basic mathematical concepts such as averages and percentage, speed, time and distance, profit, loss and discount, simple and compound interest and so on. 

ATMA 2023 Syllabus

The exam structure overview for ATMA 2023 is released on the official website. ATMA is an exam conducted by AIMS for admission to its various management programs. Analytical reasoning skills, verbal skills and quantitative skills are needed in any quality management education. Apart from knowledge of which skills will be assessed in the exam, aspirants will benefit from practising the mock question papers from the official website. The sample question papers give an idea about the important topics that need to be covered for strengthening the three skills. Here, we have listed out all the important topics that need to be practised for each of the skills.

Meanwhile, the examination date for ATMA July 2023 has been released. ATMA 2023 for the July session was held on July 23, 2023. The registration process for the exam began on June 3, 2023, and closed on July 16, 2023. The admit card could be downloaded from July 20, 2023 onwards. 

ATMA 2023 Exam Structure

ATMA 2023 question paper consists of 6 sections and a total of 180 questions. There are 3 skills examined in ATMA, which are analytical reasoning, verbal and quantitative. There are two sections dedicated to each skill. Every section will have 30 questions and a time duration of 30 minutes. The total exam duration is 3 hours. 


Number of Questions

Time Allotted

Analytical Reasoning Skill - I


30 minutes

Analytical Reasoning Skill - II


30 minutes

Verbal Skill - I


30 minutes

Verbal Skill - II


30 minutes

Quantitative Skill - I


30 minutes

Quantitative Skill - II


30 minutes

Syllabus for Analytical Reasoning Skills

There are several important topics that candidates need to prepare for the sections on analytical reasoning. Aspirants can have a look at the following table to get an understanding of which topics are important in analytical reasoning from examination point of view.

Important Topics for Analytical Reasoning Skills


Linear Arrangement



Circular Arrangement

Strong/Weak Arguments



Blood Relations/Family Tree

Syllabus for Verbal Skills

Candidates need to familiarise themselves with the major topics that are crucial for the sections on verbal skills. The following table gives an outline of the several topics that are assessed in the sections on verbal skills. 

Important Topics for Verbal Skills

Reading Comprehension

Jumbled Sentences


Vocabulary/Word Meaning

Sentence Completion

Synonyms and Antonyms

Syllabus for Quantitative Skills

Various school-level mathematical concepts are assessed in the quantitative skills sections. Candidates are encouraged to practise from as many sample papers as possible from the official website to get a better grasp over quantitative aptitude-based questions. The table given below provides a list of topics that are important for the sections on quantitative skills. 

Important Topics for Quantitative Skills

Profit, Loss and Discount

Ratio and Proportion

Number System

Speed, Time and Distance


Modern Maths





Permutation and Combination

Binomial Theorem


Quadratic Equation


ATMA 2023 Exam Pattern

The ATMA exam pattern consists of the total number of questions, number of sections, number of questions in each section, the time allotted for each section and total exam duration. 

  • ATMA exam will consist of 180 questions divided into 6 sections.
  • Each section will have 30 questions.
  • Each section is allocated with 30 minutes
  • There are 3 skills on which the exam is based - Analytical Reasoning Skill, Verbal Skill and Quantitative Skill
  • Each of the 3 skills has 2 sections dedicated to it. 
  • Every correct answer is awarded 1 mark
  • Every incorrect answer gets a negative marking of 0.25
  • The total exam duration is 3 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which skills are assessed in the ATMA exam ?

ATMA consists of questions that test 3 skills : analytical reasoning skills, verbal skills and quantitative skills.

Who provides the ATMA syllabus ?

AIMS releases the outline of the skills on which the aptitude test is based. Further, it provides candidates with the exam structure on its official website.

How many sections are there in the ATMA exam ?

ATMA exam will consist of 6 sections. Every skill has 2 sections.

When will the ATMA exam be held ?

ATMA July exam 2023 will be conducted on July 23, 2023, at various test centres across the country.

What is the last date to register for the ATMA exam ?

The last date to register for the ATMA July exam 2023 is July 16, 2023.