National Defence Academy Exam
National Defence Academy Exam

NDA Books 2024: Check Subject-wise NDA books, NDA Syllabus for Mathematics & GAT paper

The selection of relevant NDA books is an important part of the NDA exam preparation process. NDA study material must be in line with the exam syllabus for a better understanding of what the NDA exam requires of the candidate.
UPSC NDA Books 2024

UPSC NDA Books 2024

NDA Books 2024: The Union Public Service Commission has released the NDA 2024 exam calendar on its official website. The NDA 1 exam 2024 is set to take place on April 21, 2024. Candidates preparing for the exam should be aware of the important NDA books required for preparation. NDA preparation necessitates extensive practice of all important topics of all subjects covered in the NDA syllabus.

NDA study material consists primarily of NCERT books on subjects covered in the NDA exam syllabus. To clear their fundamentals, aspirants must thoroughly read and practice all books. Also Check: NDA Exam Pattern

Interested aspirants can read the article below to learn more about recommended books before they start their NDA preparation.

Best Books for NDA 2024

The NDA exam is mostly static in nature, so there is a set syllabus for it. Candidates must be familiar with the NDA exam syllabus in order to select the best books for their preparation. The majority of the syllabus can be easily covered by NCERT books for Class 11 and 12, so the candidate should prioritize them. Read More: NDA Syllabus 2024

NDA books for Maths

A number of topics are covered on the NDA Math syllabus, including Algebra, Trigonometry, Differential Equations, Integral Calculus, Matrices & Determinants, and Statistics & Probability, among others. Most of the questions are asked up to the 12th-grade level. For NDA Math Preparation, candidates can refer to Math NCERT books from Class 11 and Class 12. The following are some of the books that candidates should read in order to strengthen their preparation for the NDA exam:

  • Quantitative Aptitude by R.S. Agarwal
  • Mathematics for NDA and NA by RS Aggarwal
  • Pathfinder NDA & NA by Arihant Publications

NDA Books for GAT Paper

The General Aptitude Test (GAT) paper of the NDA exam consists of questions from Physics, Chemistry, History, Geography, General Science & Current Affairs. Below mentioned are the important books for each subject covered in the NDA GAT Syllabus.

NDA Books for Physics

Most teachers and toppers of the exam recommend aspiring students preparing for the NDA exam to closely study NCERT books of Class 11 & 12 to prepare for the Physics section of the NDA GAT paper. 

Candidates must thoroughly study important topics such as Motion, Magnetism, EM Wave, Geometrical Optics, and Electrostatics to answer the maximum number of questions in the exam paper.

NDA Books for Chemistry

NDA Chemistry syllabus covers topics such as Electrochemistry, Chemical Kinetics, Metallurgy, Chemical Bonding, D & F Block, Biomolecules & Polymer. Aspirants can cover all these topics from NCERT book of Class 11 & 12. Candidates can also take the help of NCERT Exemplar Problem & Solutions to prepare for the Chemistry section of the NDA GAT paper.

NDA Books for English

The English section of the NDA paper assesses whether the aspirant has basic knowledge of the English language or not. Candidates can refer to the following books for their NDA English preparation:

  • Objective General English by SP Bakshi
  • Word Power Made Easy by Norman & Lewis

Candidates must read newspapers daily to strengthen their command on comprehension and grammar skills.

NDA Books for History, Geography & General Science

The General Science section of the NDA GAT paper consists of Class 9 & 10 Biology questions. The paper's History section consists primarily of questions from the Indian Freedom Movement and a few from Indian Ancient History.

Candidates can read Sanjv Kumar's Objective GK book from Lucent Publication to prepare for the General Science section, as well as the History and Geography sections.

NDA Books for Current Affairs

The current affairs section tests candidates' knowledge of current events in the country and around the world. Candidates must be up to date on the latest developments in the Indian defense sector. Since questions can be asked on any topic in the Current Affairs section, candidates must have a habit of reading newspapers thoroughly every day.

NDA Preparation

Aspiring candidates must read the recommended books for effective NDA preparation. NDA books are essential in providing direction for NDA exam preparation. Candidates can refer to the following important NDA preparation tips:

  • Download and thoroughly read the NDA Syllabus from the official notification.
  • Study all recommended books subject-wise.
  • Practice NDA mock test papers
  • Comprehensive revision must be done at least 15 days before the exam.
  • Try to complete the whole syllabus without leaving a single topic
  • Read newspapers to improve your command of English grammar and current events.

NDA Syllabus

Knowledge of the NDA syllabus is a prerequisite for extensive NDA preparation. It allows candidates to choose books that are more relevant to the exam. NDA syllabus for Mathematics & GAT paper is tabulated below:

NDA Math Syllabus 



Statistics & Probability


Coordinate Geometry

Matrices & Determinants

Matrices & Determinants

Vector Algebra

NDA GAT Syllabus



General Ability Test


Part B: General Knowledge

Sub-Topics in General Knowledge:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • General Science
  • History, Freedom Movement etc
  • Geography
  • Current Events


Candidates planning to take the NDA exam can learn more about expert-recommended books by reading the article above. Expert-recommended books are essential for completing the NDA syllabus and better preparation for the exam.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which book is best for preparing NDA Math paper?

For NDA Math preparation, aspirants must practice NCERT books from Class 11 and 12. After completing NCERTs, candidates can begin studying Mathematics for NDA and NA by RS Aggarwal to gain an advantage.

How to study Physics and Chemistry for NDA exam?

NCERT books of Class 11 & 12 is the best source to study Physics & Chemistry for the NDA exam. Candidates should prioritize NCERT books over others to prepare for the exam.

How to prepare for the NDA exam 2023?

Candidates must first cover the prescribed syllabus from recommended books before attempting NDA previous year question papers to assess their strengths and weaknesses.

What are the last-minute NDA preparation tips?

Candidates must begin revising at least 15 days before the scheduled exam date. The 15-day period should be devoted to topics in which the candidate excels and has the potential to achieve maximum marks.

Is NCERT enough for NDA preparation?

Yes, NCERT is more than enough to cover the NDA syllabus for Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. Candidates should read the books recommended by teachers and toppers for other subjects such as General Science, History, Geography, English, and Current Affairs.