Institute of Banking Personnel Selection Probationary Officers
Institute of Banking Personnel Selection Probationary Officers

IBPS PO Preparation 2023: Last Minute Tips for Prelims

IBPS PO preparation is a crucial step to crack the IBPS PO exam. It is necessary that a candidate’s preparation aligns with the IBPS PO syllabus and the exam pattern. Section-wise preparation strategy can be a fruitful exercise to practice.
IBPS PO Preparation 2023

IBPS PO Preparation 2023

IBPS PO preparation 2023: Acing the banking examination to become a Probationary Officer requires meticulous exam preparation. To attain the desired results, candidates must align their study plan with the comprehensive IBPS PO syllabus and format. The syllabus encompasses vital subjects like Mathematics, English, Reasoning, General Awareness, and IT. By focusing on these key areas, candidates can confidently excel in all three phases of the IBPS PO exam, increasing their chances of success significantly.

There are three subjects included in the IBPS PO syllabus for Prelims, namely Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, and English Language. Moreover, there are two additional subjects in the IBPS PO Mains exam, which are General Awareness and Computer Aptitude. For the unversed, the Interview round does not have a specific syllabus. 

Experts have advised candidates to prepare for at least a year wherein they devote 6 to 7 hours to their IBPS PO  preparation every day. In this article, we will take candidates through the essential preparation tips for clearing the IBPS PO exam 2023. Also, as the IBPS PO Prelims is around the corner, candidates may check the last-minute preparation tips which can help them with revision. 

IBPS PO Preparation 2023

IBPS PO is a highly competitive examination, with roughly 5 lakh individuals registering for it every year while the vacancy is merely 7000 or less. What makes it more difficult is the extensive syllabus and the duration of the exam which is just 60 minutes for the Prelims round. This is why candidates must have a firm preparation strategy in place. While coaching institutions are an excellent approach to preparing for the exam, self-study may take your preparation to the next level. The initial goal should be to clear the IBPS PO Prelims exam.

IBPS PO Prelims Preparation 2023

In order to develop a section-by-section preparation plan, aspirants must understand the Prelims syllabus while studying for the first round of the exam. They must divide their time wisely among all of the topics that they have to cover in order to clear the examination. It is important to pass this phase in order to advance to the Mains round, which is the second phase of the IBPS PO selection process.

IBPS PO English Language Preparation

To acquire a good score in this section, candidates must have a good command of the English Language. Applicants should know basic grammar, along with the knowledge of complex English words. Here are some pointers to assist applicants to prepare for the English Language exam:

  • Make reading a part of your routine; this will improve your grammar and vocabulary.
  • Prepare from recommended study material that has good content.
  • Enhance your grammatical accuracy by solving mock papers and grammar exercises.
  • Candidates should learn new vocabulary and its meanings, as well as how to use these words in phrases.
  • Candidates are encouraged to incorporate the language into their daily activities such as speaking, writing, observing, and listening.
  • It is important to practice many topics from the IBPS PO English Language syllabus, such as Error Detection, Verbal Ability, One Word Substitution, and so on.
  • Solve IBPS PO English Language past papers.

Important topics that candidates should cover in this section include:

Para jumbles Spotting Errors Sentence Correction and Sentence Improvement Fill in the Blanks Para or Sentence Completion
Miscellaneous Cloze Test Verbal Ability One Word Substitution Basic Grammar

IBPS PO Quantitative Aptitude Preparation 

Candidates must understand the mathematical basics in order to perform well in the quantitative aptitude section. Once the basics are mastered, they must move on to the more difficult topics outlined in the syllabus. Here are some pointers to assist applicants to prepare for Quantitative Aptitude:

  • Candidates must thoroughly cover all topics in the quantitative aptitude section.
  • Practising consistency is imperative to solving quantitative questions more quickly.
  • Candidates should memorize various complex equations and formulas to make their mathematical calculations simpler and faster.
  • Important topics such as average, percentage, geometry, number system, and so on must be covered, and applicants must have a thorough understanding of all of them.
  • Applicants should have good time management skills.

Important topics that the applicants should cover in this section include:



Profit and Loss


Mixtures & Allegations


Simple Interest & Compound 

Interest Surds & Indices

Time and Distance

Work Time & Energy

Data Interpretation


Number Systems


Quadratic Equation


Sequence & Series

IBPS PO Reasoning Ability Preparation 

This section covers a variety of topics that need a significant amount of practice and focus. Candidates are encouraged to answer logical questions consistently in order to have a thorough grasp of the questions that may be posed in the examination. Check out the following recommendations by experts to help you prepare for this specific section:

  • Candidates must be well-versed in the topics given on the syllabus.
  • Candidates should solve puzzles and other logical reasoning problems.
  • Start with the easiest pattern and gradually move to a higher difficulty level.
  • Candidates should have an understanding of tricks to solve questions from topics such as Blood Relations, Alphanumeric Series, Seating Arrangement, and so on.
  • Consistently solving logical problems is recommended.
  • Start thinking critically and develop analytical skills.

Some of the important topics that the candidate needs to cover in this section include:

Input and Output


Logical Reasoning

Alphanumeric Series

Data Sufficiency


Seating Arrangement

Blood Relations

Order and Ranking


Distance and Direction


Verbal Reasoning



IBPS PO Mains Preparation 2023

IBPS PO Mains exam is held for students who pass the preliminary round. Aside from Quantitative Aptitude, English Language, and Logical Reasoning, the mains examination contains two extra subjects, which are Computer Aptitude and General Awareness. Preparing for the IBPS PO Mains test necessitates a well-planned comprehension of each topic. To ace the second round of the exam, candidates must be well-versed in all the sections and work on the topics they are not well-versed with.  

IBPS PO General Awareness and Descriptive Writing Preparation

  • It is essential for candidates to read the newspaper every day in order to stay updated on current events and news.
  • Candidates must also read magazines and books to master the descriptive section of the test, as well as be well-versed in current national and worldwide affairs.
  • It is recommended to practice writing on various sorts of topics that might be posed for both Letter and Essay writing.

Some important General Awareness topics that candidates should be well versed in include:

Banking Awareness

Important dates and events

Major organizations and headquarters

Capitals and Countries

Current Affairs 

Monetary Policy

Prime Ministries

Sports and recreation




RBI Functions and Power

Awards and Honors

Authors and Writers


Indian Economy

Some of the essential descriptive writing topics include:

  • Digital Payments in Rural India
  • Importance of UPI in the coming future
  • How did the pandemic affect the Digital Economy
  • Impacts of Online Education
  • Letter expressing grief about a certain situation 
  • Letter to Bank Manager to reissue your ATM Card

IBPS PO Computer Aptitude Preparation 

In the IBPS PO mains examination, the computer aptitude subject is part of the Reasoning & Computer Aptitude. The section consists of 45 multiple-choice questions. Candidates must plan properly in order to do well in this segment. The following topics should be well-understood by candidates for Computer Aptitude:

Networking and communication

Windows Operating System

History of Computers 

Basic Functionalities of the MS-Office


Logic Gates

Hacking and Viruses


Basic Functionalities of the MS-Excel


Security Tools

Types of computers 

IBPS PO Interview Preparation 2023

This round is the last phase of the examination and is equally important. It carries 100 marks and has 20% weightage when it comes to preparing the final merit list. Check below to know some tips on how to ace this round:

  • Interview questions will revolve around topics like Banking Awareness, the Indian Economy, Current Affairs, Educational Background, and Qualifications of the candidate, etc. Candidates should practice answering such questions beforehand.
  • Candidates should have high-quality communication skills since they convey confidence and competence.
  • Applicants should be well versed with whatever’s mentioned on their profile, as they can be cross-questioned on it.

IBPS PO Preparation Tips 2023

Some general tips that can help candidates with their IBPS PO preparation include:

  • Choose the study material wisely- Candidates who prepare from the best books, informative newspapers, IBPS PO past question papers, etc will have an upper hand while sitting for the examination. Applicants should not get confused among the various options given in the market and should pick the study material after doing basic research about what's good and what's not as per the expert advice and suggestions. 
  • Refer to the official syllabus and exam pattern- Studying according to the syllabus and exam pattern is important, otherwise, candidates may not perform well in the exam.
  • Mock Tests and Past Papers- It is extremely important for candidates to solve past papers and mock tests regularly. The mock tests help candidates in understanding their weaknesses and strengths. Solving past papers will help candidates in knowing the IBPS PO exam pattern and chapter-wise topics.
  • Time management skills-  As this is a time-bounded exam, it is necessary for candidates to have good time management skills. Candidates must practice solving questions within the provided time limit for each section. 
  • Make notes- Making notes goes a long way and helps candidates immensely while revising for the paper. They come in handy when one is looking for a quick read. 
  • Read a lot- Reading consistently is an important aspect that the candidate needs to make a habit of to clear the examination. English and General Awareness require students to have good language skills and be updated, and that can be done by reading magazines, newspapers, books, etc.
  • Revision- One of the most important steps to crack the examination is to keep revising whatever the candidate is studying, as it helps in recalling the details of the topics one has studied. Additionally, a study suggests that timely revision helps reduce the stress and anxiety that a student often faces while studying for an exam.

IBPS PO Preparation in One Month

As the IBPS PO Exam Date 2023 has been announced, and the prelims round is scheduled for September 2023, candidates must note the last-minute preparation tips. The following tips can be incorporated in order to lead a productive preparation journey one month before the exam is conducted-

  • Plan Wisely: Create a focused study plan for each section.
  • Gather Resources: Collect relevant study materials and mock tests that are relevant for last-minute preparation.
  • Prioritize Topics: Give more time to high-weightage topics.
  • Practice Regularly: Solve practice questions and previous papers.
  • Manage Time: Practice solving within the allotted time.
  • Mock Tests: Take regular mock tests and analyze your performance.
  • Revision Routine: Regularly revise key formulas and concepts.
  • Stay Healthy: Maintain good sleep, diet, and exercise habits.
  • Current Affairs: Stay updated on banking and financial news.
  • Stay Positive: Keep a motivated and positive mindset.

IBPS PO Books 2023

As stated above, picking the right IBPS PO study material is extremely important for the candidates preparing for IBPS PO. Quality study material can be fruitful and can intensify the preparation process. Here are some books that have proved to be of great help:

  • Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations by RS Agarwal
  • Objective Mathematics by Rai Publications
  • A New Approach to Logical Reasoning by B.S. Sijwali + Indu Sijwali
  • Verbal Reasoning by RS Agarwal
  • General English by S. Gupta
  • Objective English by RS Agarwal
  • Objective Computer Awareness by R. Pillai
  • Hand Book on Banking Awareness by IBC Academy Publication

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can the IBPS PO preparation be done at home?

Devoting time to self-study is necessary to clear the examination, and without spending time studying at home, candidates will not be able to ace the paper. Preparing for the examination at home, as long as the aspirant is serious and devoted, is enough to crack the bank exam. 

Can IBPS PO be cleared with just last-minute studying?

No, as this is a competitive examination, it requires consistency and effort to ace the examination. Preparation for at least 6 months wherein candidates devote 7 to 8 hours studying every day is advisable. 

Is IBPS PO difficult to crack?

The number of seats available compared to the number of applications makes the exam challenging. Following a proper preparation strategy can make the process comparatively easier. 

How many hours do you have to study to clear the IBPS PO examination?

It is advised to study at least 5-6 hours every day if you are just starting with the preparation. As the examination dates come closer, applicants should devote 7 to 8 hours to IBPS PO preparation every day. 

Is it enough to study from the IBPS PO syllabus, or should the candidate study more?

Having extra knowledge aside from the disclosed syllabus will always be beneficial for the candidate. More awareness can go a long way and give the applicant an upper hand while solving General Awareness questions and sitting for the interview. The first goal should be to finish the syllabus, and if the candidate has time, he/she can study more.