Cracking UPSC CMS Interview Exam: Your Path to a Medical Career in Government Services

Each applicant has the allotted time to respond to the personality test questions during the 30-minute UPSC CMS interview.

UPSC CMS Interview
UPSC CMS interview 2023 will soon be held. Candidates can check important tips to prepare for the exam. / (Representative Image)

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Combined Medical Services (CMS) Examination stands as a paramount assessment for individuals aspiring to forge a career within the government sector. Administered annually by the Union Public Service Commission, the UPSC CMS exam 2023 holds the primary objective of enlisting medical officers and individuals for analogous roles within various government health services. These encompass the Indian Railways, Indian Ordnance Factories Health Service, Central Health Services, and the Municipal Corporation of Delhi.

The examination unfolds in two distinct phases, comprising a written test and a personality assessment. The initial stage necessitates candidates to successfully clear the written round. Subsequently, those who qualify in the written examination earn the opportunity to participate in a personality assessment, commonly referred to as an interview. This phase of the selection process meticulously evaluates candidates’ holistic persona, proficiency in communication, knowledge spectrum, and suitability for a career in government healthcare.

Meanwhile, the UPSC CMS exam 2023 has been conducted and the result for the same has also been released. The UPSC CMS admit card for the exam was released on June 23, 2023. Candidates who have qualified the written examination will now be eligible to appear for the UPSC CMS Personality test. Since the UPSC CMS result 2023 has been released, it is expected that interview will take place anytime. Hence, we bring you the UPSC CMS personality test most asked questions you can follow to qualify the interview round with maximum marks. 

UPSC CMS Personality Test Most Asked Questions

When will the candidate be intimidated about the UPSC CMS interview date?


Usually, the candidate receives a call about the UPSC CMS interview a month before the actual date. Hence, candidates get ample time to prepare for their interview.

How challenging is it to successfully navigate the UPSC CMS interview

The UPSC CMS interview score has a lot of significance and is just as important as the written test. It is undeniably a difficult task because it mostly evaluates practical knowledge, swift thinking, and decision-making skills.

What kind of questions are asked in UPSC CMS interview?

The panel present during the interview will ask N a number of questions that had nothing to do with medicine, such as asking about your hometown, educational history, and alma mater. The main reason behind asking such types of questions is to evaluate the candidate’s personality characteristics

Does the interviewer ask questions from the medical field? 

Yes, there are several questions asked from the medical field. Since UPSC CMS exam is a Combined Medical Service Exam, interview panellists focus on questions about actual patient cases in the fields of surgery, medicine, obstetrics & gynaecology, and preventive & social medicine. 

The panellist will either focus on the question of preventing common ailments or treating current medical issues, such as detecting tumours that are avoidable. This method basically assesses how keen your core medical knowledge is as well as the candidate’s quick thinking abilities.

How long does the UPSC CMS interview last? 

UPSC CMS interview is usually 30 minutes and each candidate gets the prescribed time to answer the questions asked in the personality test.

How many people are included in the interview panel?

The panel typically consists of four people. The principal interviewer, who is positioned in the middle, asks questions about both personal and professional issues while conducting the personality evaluation. The rest 3 members ask questions about Medicine, Preventive & Social Medicine (PSM), Obstetrics & Gynaecology (Obs & Gynae) and other questions related to the medical field. 

What to do when you don’t know a question in the UPSC CMS intreview? 

In cases when you don’t know a specific answer in the UPSC CMS interview, it is better for candidates to not give any vague answers. Instead, they should apologise and let the panel know that they are unaware of the question. 

Some last-minute UPSC CMS interview tips 

When you enter the room, extend a formal greeting and take a seat as instructed by the interviewers. The direction of the interview will be determined by how well you pay attention to the questions and how concisely you respond. Keep your cool and avoid getting stressed before the interview because excessive tension may show in your demeanour and hurt your chances. Wishing success to all aspiring candidates.