Reduced Syllabus for JEE Main 2024: What to Expect?

JEE Main 2024 syllabus is released by the National Testing Agency (NTA) on its official website. NTA has introduced some minor changes in the JEE Main 2024 syllabus.

JEE Main 2024 revised Syllabus to be out soon
JEE Main Syllabus 2024 is expected to be reduced. The official confirmation is yet to come.

JEE Main 2024 Syllabus: The National Testing Agency (NTA) has started the registration for the JEE Main 2024 exam, and it’s anticipated that there will be some clarity regarding the exam syllabus. Several chapters have been removed from the JEE Main syllabus this year, as well as a few subtopics while retaining the chapter. These changes are expected to align with the removal of specific chapters from the NCERT curriculum for both Class 11 and Class 12 students.

What is JEE Main Syllabus 2024?

The official JEE Main syllabus has been released by the National Testing Agency (NTA). Candidates can check the chapters deleted by NTA for the JEE Main 2024 exam. The following chapters have been removed from the JEE Main 2024 syllabus based on the syllabus compared by


Mathematical inductions 


Mathematical reasoning 


Communication systems 

Some topics from experimental skills


States of Matter 

Surface chemistry 

General principles and processes of isolation of metals 


S -block elements (alkali and alkaline earth metals) 

Environmental chemistry 


Chemistry in everyday life

JEE Main 2024 Syllabus

JEE Main 2024 exam is required for admission to the B.E/B.Tech programme. The JEE Main syllabus for B.E/B.Tech students cover a variety of topics in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Candidates must understand the concepts from the NCERT books of Class 11th and Class 12th. Interested students can check the updated subject-wise syllabus below:

JEE Main Physics Syllabus

The following are the topics covered in the JEE Main Physics Paper:

Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism Electrostatics Current Electricity Electromagnetic Waves Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents 
Atoms and Nuclei Optics Dual Nature of Matter and RadiationCommunication Systems (Deleted)Electronic Devices 
Thermodynamics Gravitation Properties of Solids and Liquids Oscillations and Waves Kinetic Theory of Gases 
Laws of Motion Physics and Measurement Kinematics Rotational Motion Work, Energy, and Power 
JEE Main 2024 Physics Syllabus

JEE Main Chemistry Syllabus

The Chemistry syllabus for the JEE Main exam is divided into Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry. Aspirants can check the JEE Main Chemistry syllabus in the table below.

Physical ChemistryInorganic ChemistryOrganic Chemistry
Some Basic Concepts In ChemistryClassification Of Elements And Periodicity In PropertiesPurification And Characterisation Of Organic Compounds
States Of Matter (Deleted)General Principles And Processes Of Isolation Of Metals (Deleted)Some Basic Principles Of Organic Chemistry
Atomic StructureHydrogen (Deleted)Hydrocarbons
Chemical Bonding And Molecular StructureS -Block Elements (Alkali And Alkaline Earth Metals) (Deleted)Organic Compounds Containing Halogens
Chemical ThermodynamicsP- Block ElementsOrganic Compounds Containing Oxygen
SolutionsD – And F- Block ElementsOrganic Compounds Containing Nitrogen
EquilibriumCo-Ordination CompoundsPolymers (Deleted)
Redox Reactions And ElectrochemistryEnvironmental Chemistry (Deleted)Biomolecules
Chemical Kinetics_Chemistry In Everyday Life (Deleted)
Surface Chemistry (Deleted)_Principles Related To Practical Chemistry
JEE Main 2024 Chemistry Syllabus

JEE Main Mathematics Syllabus

The following topics are covered in the JEE Main Mathematics syllabus:

Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations Matrices and Determinants Sets, Relations, and Functions Permutations and Combinations 
Differential Equations Coordinate Geometry Integral Calculus Three Dimensional Geometry 
Statistics and Probability Trigonometry Vectoral Algebra Mathematical Reasoning (Deleted)
Binomial Theorem and Its Simple Applications Sequences and Series Mathematical Induction (Deleted)Limit Continuity, and Differentiability 
JEE Main 2024 Maths Syllabus