ISC 12th Math Paper: Avoid these silly mistakes during the exam

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Feb 12, 2024


The ISC 12th Board Exam will be conducted on February 20, 2024. Here are some silly mistakes to avoid during the examination.

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Avoid Misreading the Question

Read every question carefully to avoid misinterpreting the wording or requirements of a question

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Avoid copying numbers or equations incorrectly

Pay attention to numerals and values while writing the question in your answer sheet

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 Avoid calculation errors

Be cautious while doing basic arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division

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Do not neglect units

Neglecting to include units in answers where they are required, especially in questions involving measurements or quantities, can lead to deduction of marks

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Do not skip steps

Omitting intermediate steps or skipping essential parts of the solution process can lead to incomplete or inaccurate answers

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Use correct formulas

Ensure to use correct formulas and theorems to solve a problem

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Use consistent notation

Using inconsistent notation or symbols throughout the solution can cause confusion or errors in calculation

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