GATE 2024 College Predictor: Check colleges against your rank

Feb 10, 2024


 GATE 2024 has been conducted successfully by IISc Bangalore. Candidates can use their scores to know their ranks and college for M.Tech admission.

1) IISc Bangalore  2) IIT Bombay Rank < 100

1) IIT Delhi  2) IIT Kanpur Rank<200

IIT Kharagpur Rank ≤ 600

IIT Roorkee IIT Guwahati IIT BHU AIR ≤ 1000

1) IIT Hyderabad 2) IIT Patna  3) NIT's Rank ≤ 1500

GFTIs Rank ≤ 2500

Candidate's admission in a college also depends on the choice of the courses as some courses are in demand like Computer Science which require higher rank 

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